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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Patio Furntiure - It's About Time

I've been working on this house for over 5 years now. Room by room, I've slowly filled them with furniture, painted their walls, and cost effectively decorated and redecorated. So far, I hadn't made it outside to my back patio yet. While I have visions and far away dreams of a giant pergola covered paver stone patio with planter walls, plenty of crate and myrtle trees, fruit trees, a shed , compost pile, rain barrel and a garden, I have started the first step by purchasing patio furniture. My dad got me a World Market gift card for my birthday, but so far, I was not able to stomach paying the high in-season prices for patio furniture. So I waited paitienly until the end of the season. Finally last week, prices were discounted to 50% off, and nothing makes this girl happier than a sale!

Happy sale dance!!
I decided to get the bench, 2 occasional chairs and the coffee table. And... AND!!! I had a 15% off coupon! For all 4 pieces (and a cute tray that was also on sale), my total was $311.82. After using my gift card, it was even less than that... Not bad ehhh?
I brought the bench and the coffee table home and put it together that night. And I picked up the 2 chairs after church the next day, since not all pieces would fit in my car in one trip. I put the chairs together last night and hauled it all outside to my back paito.

See Lola likes it too

The nautical pillows aren't actually outdoor pillows, but the sales person at World Market said the cushions should be stored indoors, so I figured if I was going to be only keeping the cushions and pillows outdoors whenever I was using the furniture and storing them inside all other times, it would probably be fine to get regular throw pillows. These are from Overstock, and I got a good deal on them too. (coming to a $hameless $avings post near you)

So does anyone out there have any outdoor furniture stories? Anything I should know about the new additions to my paito? Or does anyone else have big patio dreams like mine?


Hilly said...

looks great!

Maureen said...

Keep an eye on Home Depot's facebook page. They had an event a few months back with big discounts on Fridays and the items were random. One Friday, they had an outdoor Martha Stewart furniture set for 75% + off. They included the cushions as well. I was shocked! Even better: all of the items, no matter the cost, shipped free!

EEMOE said...

Looks really nice! Now you need a big umbrella or something to keep it nice and shaded.

jb said...

I like the turquoise crabs!
Looks like Lola could use a patio pillow :)