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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Kitty makes me want to giggle like a Japanese school girl

Japan is pretty awesome. It's definitely at the top of my countries to visit list. I mean, think of all the things Japan has invented... Sushi, Harajuku Girls, Green Tea, Iron Chef, Origami...
I don't really know what a Harajuku girl is... but look at their outfits! How are they not awesome!? Plus Gwen Stefani likes them, soooo... you should also.

And now for the best of all Japanese inventions..... HELLO KITTY!!
I freaking love this stupid cat. I don't know why. I don't even like cats. But seriously, it's kind of an obsession. I remember when my sister and I were little, and there was a Sanrio store in our mall. We used to visit there with my grandma, and we got to choose a toy. The toy I most remember is a tiny Hello Kitty gumball machine with tiny tic tac sized gumballs in the shape of hearts. I never wanted to actually chew the gum because I didn't want it to run out... I was such a weird kid. I wonder how I even knew about Hello Kitty back then? I mean, there's no Hello Kitty cartoon or anything like that. How has it become so popular here in the US anyways? Enough with the rambling... Let me get to the point. Two weeks ago, while I was visiting Malibu Ken, low and behold I stumbled across THE HELLO KITTY STORE!
Sanrio is Japanese for Hello Kitty

And I looked at stuff...

Both of these items are from the "Nerd Collection" (at least that's what I'm calling it). I love it. There were lots of different sections in the store.
Cute overload
Then there were some weird Japanese things, like this. We thought it was an air freshener that attaches to the vents in a car.
These are the directions?? OK!!??

And there were tons of different cell phone covers, however sadly, Japanese people are anti-android, so the sales lady told me there would not be any android covers coming out in the future :(
I did end up finding 2 awesome things to purchase.

The gold and ivory luggage tag... Because there's no reason for your luggage not to be glam.

The navy lunch container with the spoon an fork included! It actually fits in that little clear section in the lid and is the cutest thing EVER.

I hope I've made you all Hello Kitty lovers just like me. And I leave you with two disturbing images that I found while googling around for Hello Kitty pictures on the interwebs.

Peace, Love, and Pigtails,


EEMOE said...

OMG...I LOVE her too. I have the I heart nerds tank top with her wearing glasses. Needless to say that I wear it in public and get some stares.

Anonymous said...

I really love hello Kitty everything I got of her.I would die if she available in the USA she is so cute

Anonymous said...

I really love hello Kitty everything I got of her.I would die if she available in the USA she is so cute