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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fasten your seatbelts and grab your sickbags, I flew an airplane.

So technically I flew the plane... Meaning, I took the wheel and pushed the pedal for like 5 seconds, 3 times. I was trying to do a "coordinated turn" but uhhhh... well... it didn't really end up being so "coordinated".
It all started with a friend of Malibu Ken's named Airplane Tony. He lives on an airport. Nope, didn't know that kind of setup existed. Sorta like, hey welcome to my house, this is the kitchen...we're putting on a new patio, oh and...don't mind the RUNWAY in my back yard. Airplane Tony ever so nicely agreed to take Malibu Ken and I up one morning.
Hey Airplane Tony!!

There's me trying to act like I know what I'm doing.
We flew all around Rosamond, where Malibu Ken and Airplane Tony live. We even did some thing called "Touch 'n Go" where Airplane Tony landed the plane on another dude's runway only for a quick second (one of them was dirt, which I was told was impressive) and then took off again. That was thrilling. One thing I have to say about the whole experience is that it was super fun and I wasn't scared at all! I must be a dare devil at the heart.

That's when I'm giving the flying thing a go... I decided flying wasn't my strong point. Sort of like killing bugs, washing my car, and mowing grass.

I think this is when we were doing "touch 'n go". Don't I look like a natural?


The inside was very small, but it fit me, airplane Tony & Malibu Ken very comfortably. Airplane Tony takes his kids out alot too which is sweet. If I had an airplane, I would definitely take Lola.
Thanks to Airplane Tony for taking us! And for those of you wondering what kind of plane this was, it was a Cessna 170. Has anyone else had any flying experiences? Am I the only one who wasn't scared or am I just a fool for not being terrified?

Love, Aviator Barbie

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