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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LOLA!! That is NOT cute.

For those of you who've been distracted by the Caycee Anthony trial and unable to devote time to catching up on America's space program, the last space shuttle mission is underway. I was so honored to be assigned to work a shift on this mission. So you know what that means?? I get to wear fabulous shoes and girly skirts and bake lots of sweets for everyone on my shift to eat, right?!?! Well, not so much during this mission because I was working in the "back room". Basically, that is the support team that backs up the person working in the "front room" of the Mission Control Center. I know you're thinking that it would have been cooler had I been assigned to work in the "front room" but you know I'm rollin' with it. I had some other things going on at work about half way through the mission, so I was assigned to work the first 5 days. But the back room has it's perks too. It's more casual, which can be nice, and also it's way more social. The back room is just a lighter atmosphere than the front room where all the pressure is. That's just a nice way of saying that me and my co workers are just whoopin it up back there while the front room person is the one having to make all the big decisions. But seriously, we are all working very hard, the environments can just be different. Here we will demonstrate.

Front Room - serious business, people

Striking a sass pose for the MCC photog
 One of the reasons why there is so much camaraderie is because more times than not, the hours we work are ungodly. Spaceflight is 24-7 people, and spaceflight work is not for pansies. So when you're up at 12:30am for your shift at 1:30am, by time time 9:30am rolls around, you take pictures like this:

Early morning/ all night shifts are just a part of human spaceflight. They really can throw you off, but hey, it's worth it. Speaking of throwing off your schedule.... unfortunately my entire household schedule is thrown out... I mean, my porch light is on at all weird times during the day since I'm sleeping when I'd normally have it on. My plants don't get watered at the right times, and my mail sits in my box for days cause I forget anything is going on in the outside world. It's basically eat, sleep, eat, work the mission, and eat again. So just picture my house... wilted plants, lights on at the wrong times, mail everywhere, and dog poop hiding in my game room... Wait, what? ?
Yeah, this time around poor Lola didn't take it so well. The pitiful thing was being fed at odd times during the day... half a serving for an early breakfast when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, another half a serving for a late breakfast when I got home, and an early dinner before I went to bed in the afternoon. And nothing will make you feel like a worse parent than finding petrified Lola turd in your upstairs game room because 1) Your dog's feeding/ pooping schedule is way off because you've been working crazy hours and 2) you didn't even notice there were dried dog turds until approximately  3 days later because you haven't ventured to the 2nd floor of your home in at least a week. Totally not cute.

But THIS people, is freaking adorable
Does anyone out there want to share their pet accident stories? Oh yeah, and in the spirit of oversharring, I picked up exactly NINE poop pieces. But with a snaggle tooth face like that, how could I be mad?
That is all. 
Have a nice dog poo free day.

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Grandma Sara Lee said...

Yes, Lola did a number on her number one Grandma here in Indy. Fortunately, NOT an number 2 on my carpet. Just a lot of bacon grease from some BLT's from the night before, mixed with a ton of human hair from a haircut I gave a friend the day before. These were short hairs from a man with ALOT of thick hair. Lola decided she would have dinner from the trash while we slept, and what good is dinner if you do not drag all of it out of the kitchen into the carpet and "waller around in it"?
Somehow she is so pleasant in the morning, she brought her water bowl up the stairs and greeted us with a big smile and charmed her way out of a beating. Grandma is so stupid for leaving her out.