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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cupcakes and Champagne

I visited Crave Cupcakes, located in the Rice Village, a couple months ago and love it! Over the 4th of July weekend,  I was up in Houston, and I wanted to visit a cupcake bakery... More on what I was doing over the 4th soon. I still have quite a few cupcake shops to cross off the list! However, there weren't many cupcake bakeries open on the 4th of July. After calling around to ALL OF THEM, I found that only Crave was open. They've got some smart folks over there at Crave. So, we headed over there to pick up some new flavors. We brought them home and enjoyed them with some mimosas.
I ordered lemon (on the right) and Malibu Ken ordered hummingbird (on the left)
I was excited to try some of the daily specialties off of "Monday's" menu. I thought my lemon cupcake was delicious. It wasn't too tart and it tasted really fresh and creamy. Malibu Ken's hummingbird cupcake was fantastic. I actually liked it better than mine... shhhhh. For those of you who are unfamiliar with hummingbird cake, it is a cinamon cake with bananas, pineapple and pecans. Yummy!

Our cupcakes went great with our mimosas, which Malibu Ken has perfected. He says his secret is half champagne and half orange juice. I like Florida's Natural, original style with no pulp.
A perfect way to spend the afternoon
Cheers, Engineeringirl

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jb said...

Oh no, babe! Now everyone's going to know my secret to a great mimosa... I should have patented that!
Oh well, I suppose I'll consider it a donation to the benefit of all mankind :)