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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hold on folks, it's about to get earthy crunchy around here.

I'm in love with Groupon. They have good deals on doing cool stuff around town. Cool stuff and deals.... That's pretty much how I roll.
I like nature. Experiencing nature is nice. Like from an air conditioned car. Also, I like art. I can totally dig painting stuff, like nice birds and flowers.... in my air conditioned house, while enjoying a glass of wine. Note to my readers: do not get your wine and your watercolor water confused. Just sayin'.
I bet you're wondering where this rambling is going, so I'm going to tell you. I got a Groupon for Artist BoatGroupon + Art + Nature = does it get any better? I'll tell you what is better... doing said trip with Malibu Ken who loves him some earthy crunchy kayaking adventures. I have to admit, floating down the ocean in a kayak, painting some pictures sounded like romantical times, but what do I know? I don't explore the wilderness often, or ever. Okay, my idea of the wilderness is the ravine that runs behind Jaime and Charlie's house. There are snakes and bats back there people!
Fast forward a few months to May when Malibu Ken and I tried to use our Artist Boat Groupon purchase. Luckily we had a "dry run" as I like to call it, since the kayaking adventure was canceled minutes before we arrived due to high winds. While Malibu Ken had correctly chosen appropriate kayaking attire to wear, I had decided that I would wear my Cole Haan mary jane walking shoes and jean shorts. Thankfully the instructor noted my outfit, and while complimenting me on my adorable footwear, suggested I might invest in some water shoes for next time. So, I put on my hippie hat, and I picked these up last weekend.
The foot with the painted red toenails is mine. That's Malibu Ken's foot in the merman shoe.

The kayak instructor also recommended wearing shorts that were a bit more light weight, instead of jean shorts. Look people, I'm a nature girl in training... Give me a break! So with those 2 outfit modifications, a lunch packed in Ziploc bags, sunscreen, and my watercolor brushes, I was ready.
Yup. I was ready. But I'll tell you what I wasn't ready for... Wading into the Galveston Ocean prior to getting in our kayak. Nope, wasn't ready for that. Our instructor advised us to get ourselves wet before starting the kayak trip since it was very hot that day. While I can completely understand the logic behind this request, I hadn't fully mentally prepared myself for this experience. So, what did I do? I wadded into the dirty water bay and got myself wet, including my hair. 'Cause that's what real nature girls do.
Wet hair. Workout gloves. That's how we do.

Malibu Ken in his element. He paddled the entire time so I could take little rest breaks... now that's a good boyfriend.
Overall I would definitely recommend Artist Boat to anyone looking to have adventurous times in Galveston. And now that I am the proud owner of water shoes, I will be on the outlook for other kayak Groupons around town.
So friends, share you kayak experiences! Any recommendations for kayak rentals around Houston?

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Hilly said...

Cute!! Glad you guys had fun!

jb said...

We totally had fun!
And Lauren didn't mention that she packed an outstanding lunch :)

Momma Sara Lee said...

Getting your hair wet, now that is getting into the sport of it all. I am so proud. I totally love your O.P.I. "KayacKen' Krimson" toes.

Momma Sara Lee said...

Totally love your O.P.I. "KayacKen Crimson" toes.