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Thursday, April 28, 2011

San-Sational Weekend

Sorry to all my followers... it's been awhile since my last blog update, but I've been busy traveling around the country doing fabulous things. First off, after traveling to Ames Research Center for a work project, I met up with Malibu Ken in San Francisco!

Oh look, there he is waiting for me!

Resemblance? I think so!
Malibu Ken and I had a fanciful weekend in this lovely city, starting with a trip to the Golden Gate Park.
Wowza this place was massive!
Oh yeah, and feeling like real city-ers, we took the bus. If I hadn't been wearing my cute little yellow yuppie coat, I would have totally fit in... Or maybe my semi-panic/ paranoia attack when some questionable folk got on bus on our ride back to the hotel gave it away that I wasn't from these parts. Continuing on, this place was gorgeous!

What a way to spend an afternoon... sigh

Cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE!

A real life waterfall

Spooky trees. Muahhahahah!!
While in Golden Gate Park, we visited a Japanese Flower Garden

And we had an afternoon snack of Jasmine Tea and Mochi (a green tea biscuit, which really tasted like a mix between jello, a gummy bear, and a lemon bar)

This was our view....

Succulents, succulents and more succulents. I love these guys!

The next day was the farmers market at the Ferry Building! But not before shopping...

There's me, posing in Union Square

Finally we made it to the Ferry Building... Woah was this place amazeballs or what!?

Yeah like a real farmers market... I'm pretty sure that was a real farmer behind that stand.

Who thought of this? Take note, hot pocket people...
Next we got our cheese, bread and salami. 
Oodles and oodles of my favorite food group at the Cowgirl Creamery Stand

And here is our picnic laid out at the wine bar inside the farmers market

This is the best ever!

Afterwards, a visit to local chocolate maker, TCHO

For reals, folks...

TCHO Hot Chocolate

 That wraps up my weekend in the beautiful San Francisco.

      Bay Area Barbie

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