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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Reclaimed Saturday

My friend Jaime had been wanting to check out a reclaimed salvage warehouse in Houston for a long time. So this Saturday, because the shuttle didn't launch (boo - no shuttle launch, yay - we had the day off), we finally made it. While neither of us were too successful, it was neat to see all the possibilities one could dig up at a place like that. There were lots of old paned windows and neat rustic barn doors among pieces of reclaimed wood and pretty, old glass doorknobs. I came away with 4 brushed nickel cabinet pulls to replace my dingy painted white ones in my upstairs bathroom. I paid $4 for the set, so not too shabby.

Next we headed off to August Antiques and Ben's Antiques in the Heights.

How adorable!
 We wandered around the place just looking and looking. There was stuff stacked from floor to ceiling and certainly many good finds.
This is Jaime's find... I kinda wanted to steal it from her, especially after I found out it was only $45, but I didn't.... I'm just a good friend like that.

I was diggin' this lamp... Maybe a little strange for some, but I thought it was pretty neat-o

Now THESE were some cool lamps... I could see those each on a nightstand

I loved this old fashioned phone. How glam?
Emerson 501 please

How spectacular would these look on either side of a garage?

An old fashioned radio... pretty chic

I thought momentarily about buying this for my laundry room. But it was $22....
Lastly, we stumbled upon a restaurant/market called Revival Market. It was a great place to pick up some lunch. I decided upon the BLT with thick slices of bacon, arugula, tomato, and herbed mayo with a ginger lime slaw on the side. YUM

I'm definitely going go make this slaw at home! I always thought I was a fan of the mayo version but when I had this one with a simple vinaigrette, I was in love!

Devil's food cupcake with salted caramel icing. I had to take one to go!
I was glad to get into the city for some local fun. Maybe after I finish the 700 projects I'm currently working on, I'll get back to the reclaimed store to get some materials to start a new one. For now, back to cleaning and taking care of dogs!

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