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Friday, April 1, 2011

Curb Appeal

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the pretty landscaping that starts popping out all over the neighborhood. Time for planting brightly colored flowers and freshly mulched beds. Especially after the hard freeze we experienced here in Houston over the winter, the beds in my area definitely were in for some freshening up. I know, I know... a "hard freeze" is like it gets really really cold. Everyone freaks out because there might be some snow flakes for like .3 seconds. But seriously, our plants aren't like those up north and just can't handle the cold weather. So after winter was over, I had to end up pulling up a bunch of plants. And a few weekends ago, I was off to the local garden center, coupons in hand. After walking around the garden center for what felt like an eternity, I finally selected some varieties to fill in my landscaping.

It doesn't look like a lot here but I got 8 plants total.
 I was most excited to bring home this thing.

I saw a something like it with a twisty branch when I was at Disney World last year. I had to have it.

So after the very arduous experience of choosing plants and setting them in the beds where I wanted them to be planted, I called Alex, the landscaper. And voila.

Twisty branch tree with purple flowers

Lamb's Ears, so soft

Redish Purpleish grass thing-y

Agave plants. Very Cactus-y.
I'm glad I made the time and put in the effort for this home improvement. A few plants, a few bags of mulch, and a check to Alex for approximately the amount of a good time at Express went a long way.

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