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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tray Chic

A few months ago, I purchased this tray from Marshall's Home Goods for 12 bucks. I originally bought it for the glam-ful mirror edges. However, I just wasn't diggin' the shopper girl picture.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I look when I'm shopping, right?
I decided to recover the tray with some really pretty blue lace paper laid over chocolate brown paper I found at Michael's (total cost of paper = $2.67). First I cut the 2 sheets of paper to fit the tray. Then I used double stick tape to tape the lace paper to the solid sheet of paper like so:
That's tape on the backside of the paper
I used double stick tape to attach the paper on top of the original tray
Then I laminated the paper on top of the tray so I could easily clean the tray and set drinks on top of it with out having to worry about water marks.

Lamination paper roll was purchased with a 50% off Michael's coupon for $3.50.

And here we have a totally glamorous tray. How chic!

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