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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Baking and Crafting 2010

It's that time of year again to make cookie boxes to distribute to my friends and co-workers. In years past, I have made up to 4 different kinds of cookies and arranged them in cookie boxes. Over the years (this is my 4th year doing this), it has become quite an ordeal to make all the different kinds of dough in advance, and spend most of the next day baking and arranging cookies in the 20 or so boxes to hand out. Last year was quite a scramble, as I ran out of one particular type of cookie and had to bake some brownies at the last minute to cram into a few of the remaining boxes that were missing something chocolaty.
Making these holiday goodies not only brings joy to me, but I feel its a nice little thing I can do to let the people in my life know how important they are to me... especially my team members at work who have been working so hard on my team for over a year. So this year, instead of stressing out over a giant cookie operation, I decided to scale things back and just bake 2 different kinds of cookies, passing out 1 to half of the recipients and 1 to the other half.
Every year I have made Mexican Wedding cookies, and they are my absolute favorite, so I couldn't not make those. So for my other cookie, I decided to make something new.... a chocolate sandwich cookie with peppermint butter cream icing rolled in crushed candy canes. My friend Jaime had found the recipe on and thought that it looked so pretty. Note, I have made comments in the reviews section on this recipe under my name "engineeringirl" because of course, I've changed it slightly.
And without further ado, pictures:

Now THAT'S a cookie!

Can you believe that I used 10 STICKS OF BUTTER in order to make a double batch of each of these delicious cookies?
Little pillows of happiness

Seriously, how cute?!

Love Love Love the Martha Stewart packaging....
Oh and you know I couldn't end a blog post without telling you how I scored a deal on this adorable Martha Stewart packaging from Michael's Crafts... It just so happens that I received a coupon inside my Martha Stewart Living Magazine for 50% off any Martha crafting item as well as a 40% off coupon in my weekly Michael's Craft mailer. So I went through the line twice to be able to use both coupons, as they would not let me use both at the same time. As weird as that seems, it saved me $5 and $4 respectively, and that was worth my time!

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Martha Stewart would be so proud! Adorable :)