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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look What I Made!

About 4 years ago, I purchased a wreath the day after Christmas at Target. Let's just say, the wreath has served me well, dressing up my door for the last 4 Christmas seasons. However, over the years, the wreath has faded and the berries have snapped off. Leaving me with this:
Just a little too "Laura Ingalls Wilder" for me

So, I did this:

Spray Paint from Hobby Lobby, $5
 WARNING TO ALL DIVAS!! -------Spray painting may cause you to break a nail -------- 

Nail Snag - ouch

Hmmmm.... definitely not the look I was going for
So after I sprayed the entire wreath with uneventful results, I decided I hated the berries, so I did this.... and it felt good.

So now that I had a blank slate to work from, here comes the bling... Here's what I had to work with:

Glamorous Sparkle Sticks from Hobby Lobby, $2.50 - Got 'em for 50% off - HOLLA! 

7 Peacock Feathers for $7. Also 50% off.
First, I wound ribbon around the wreath and using a glue gun, gluing down some of the edges.

Argyle Ribbon from Hobby Lobby, $2.50... 50% off.
 Next I wound the sparkle sticks in the wreath, creating a bling-y affect.

Just stabbed 'em through and sniped off the ends that stuck out. Stabbing and snipping feels good.

bling - tastic
Now for the final touch.... Peacock Feathers. Why?? Because I'm fabulous B*tches!
Wind those suckers around, through the ribbon, and just a little hot glue...

Finger cramp... Divas do NOT do finger cramps...
How about an alternative option... Just a little embroidery floss.

Yeah I have embroidery floss. I used to embroider things as a child... get over it.
Just snip off a piece and tie the feather to the wreath like so:

And now I shall unveil the final product!!
Which requires many pictures from different angles.

If this doesn't say, 'You are about to enter the house of a diva', I don't know what does....

Jazzy Front Door!


Jen @ New Shade of Green said...

Wow, I love it! I'm so impressed Diva!

Robin said...

it's true, festive and diva.