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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Final Update

Some of you have been asking about what I did during the evacuation and also how my house fared during the storm. Now that I am back at work, and things are getting back to normal, this will be my last posting on the hurricane.
First are pictures of our shed. We decided not to build a new one and instead to put more shelving and storage areas in our garage.

Our Shed...Before Ike

Our Shed...After Ike

During the evacuation, we stayed at my friends Mindy's parents home. They live on 2 acres, and Lola and Dexter enjoyed running and playing on the land. Mindy's daughter, Alyssa did a great job helping me with taking care of them... she loves dogs!

We saw lots of critters up in Oklahoma! A turtle was in the yard, and across the street, there were cows. Here is Lola checking out the turtle.

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