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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hillary and Paul Wedding Pictures - Hot Off the Press!

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended my friends Hillary and Paul's Wedding. I have been eagerly awaiting the finished pictures. Here are some more pictures from the photographer, Chris.

Here is Hillary getting ready. She wore her grandmother's locket (something old), and I helped her pick our her shoes (one of many new things).

Here are the maids of honor (Alexis & Dina) walking Hillary to the church. Hillary's step-dad walked her down the aisle.

What beautiful flowers! Hillary's sister designed them. I just love this black and white bridal picture.

Let's not forget about the groom!

Hillary designed her ring to resemble her older sister's ring, with rubies.
Husband and Wife!

What a party!

The wedding party went to a park near the reception site after the ceremony. There was a kiddie train that was taking some of the kids on a train ride. We got the driver to let us in the train to take some pictures. Aren't they cute?

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