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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deals Deals Deals

People often ask me how do I find so many deals. Well the truth is this:

1. I shop A LOT. By this time, when I have a need (or a want), I know exactly where to go to find a deal. I can pretty much tell you who has what kind of sales and when, where to look for coupons, and where to go to find the highest quality items at the best prices.

2. I have learned some very important lessons from my mom. One of her favorite sayings is "The wheel that squeaks gets the grease". You will see this demonstrated below, however I would like to caveat with stating I never try to "cheat they system". However, I have learned the system, and I will take advantage of it. Also, I take good care of my possessions. If something breaks or is damaged, I take responsibility. And I never try to return used items (unless they are faulty of course).
  • I ensure I am getting charged the correct price on the items I purchase. I will ask cashiers to correct the prices on items that are charged at an incorrect price. Yes, this means that I must memorize the prices as I shop. This is a very easy thing to do when you actually pay attention to how much things cost as you shop.... interesting huh? I also review receipts as I leave the store to ensure the prices are accurate.
  • I take items back (including fruit) that are faulty or do not hold up to their advertised quality. If I have an issue with a product, simply calling the manufacturer directly can go far. I have received replacements for items that have simply not held up.
  • I know the return and coupon policies at the stores I shop. For example, Target sends out 'Target only coupons', and I clip 'manufacturer coupons' from the Sunday paper. You are allowed to use both coupons in combination when purchasing one item at Target.
  • I provide feedback to the merchants I shop with. When service is good, I will seek out the store manager to encourage them or highlight a particular employee. Certain merchants in stores and online encourage communication by giving out additional coupons for taking part in surveys or providing feedback. Stores such as Starbucks and PetSmart will give coupons for completing over the phone surveys about a shopping experience. Conversely, I will provide negative feedback when I receive less than desirable service. Doing so usually results in some kind of gift or coupon to keep me coming back. Either positive or negative experiences deserve feedback, so I give it often.
  • I am a loyal consumer. I give my business to places that treat me well and reward me for shopping with them. For example: Kroger tracks my spending and sends me coupons based on my purchases. Remember the store coupon vs. manufacturer coupon tip? Yeah... I cash in on that.
  • Lastly, ask for what you want. Sometimes, simply asking for a coupon for discounts on your purchases that day will go a long way. Also, asking for a break on the price works too. What's the worst thing that can happen? They'll say no... ???
3. I do not skimp on certain things that are important to me. One being groceries. I don't eat out alot. I find ways to save by bringing my lunch or ordering water instead of sodas when I do go out (nice on the wallet and on the hips). So when it comes to groceries, I want to purchase the highest quality items that I feel good about putting into my body.

Which leads me to my show and tell for my next post. How to save on groceries. I bet you can't wait.

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