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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Validating my need for a craft room - Christmas Present Wrapping!!

I have an entire room dedicated to crafting, which I use a few times a year. You see, I have the intention to use it more, but somehow it just doesn't happen. Sort of like when I mark off all the pages in Martha Stewart Living with good craft and recipe ideas and then end up completing about 2% of them... The intention is there, but sigh... the time is not. So I get super excited when Christmas comes around, and I get to use my craft room for its intended purpose. Years of after Christmas shopping has helped me accumulate gift paper, bows, ribbons, tags, and cards. And I have managed to keep my decorations closet in nice order, storing the gift wrapping supplies neatly in plastic bins for easy access each year.

On the table is a box of ribbons and bows, wrapping paper rolls, packing paper, cards, and gift tags. At my feet is a waste basket and a bin full of gift bags and boxes.

Don't try to spy now... I made sure none of the identifying boxes were sticking out.

I save up boxes through out the year both for shipping gifts as needed and for Christmas time gift packing. Underneath the gift boxes is a stack of packing paper that I also save from shipped items through the year.

Then I put my collection of ribbons and bows as well as gift tags and cards in the corner of the craft table. Of course the tools of the trade (scissors, tape, a pen, and glue for gluing down some pesky bows) are at hand.

The bows and ribbon are kept in a box by themselves to stay easily organized. At the end of the season, they go right back into the plastic bin and are easily accessed next year.

The end result is an ecelcitc mix of wrapped gifts, each one wrapped individually with care.

Don't you wish you knew what was inside these lovely gifts?

So does anyone out there have any gift wrapping tips? I always have to use a lot of tape on the ends... That tri-fold thing is a work in progress :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Wrapping, Engineeringirl

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