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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Doors of Chatham County

A few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to go to Savannah. Malibu Ken was there working, so I decided to meet up with him for a couple days over one of the weekends. Savannah is the most adorable town. It's so quaint and old feeling. There are many historic homes which are labeled by special bronze plaques on the outside of the house, like this one:
Savannah has a very unique town layout with town squares and sidewalks of slate and brick and all kinds of different stones.  
This one with hexagon stones was my favorite.

Sidewalk with a herringbone brick pattern. How chic. And I love the stately double entrance.
In between the homes were the cutest courtyards. The houses were very close together and built up and back. They didn't look huge from the front, but they were several stories high and rather deep. We liked to peak in on the sweet little courtyards.

I wonder who's courtyard is this? I like to imagine the parties that can be thrown here.

The details are my favorite. Look at these cute hinges attached to the brick...
But the most unique pieces of architecture were the doors on the homes and churches.
Love the iron detail on the door and the ivy growing all around
I loved this entrance to a courtyard... Can you see the hidden balcony?

I just had to strike a pose...

This archway with the half moon window was so pretty. Love the bright white trim and the little molding pieces inside the window along with the color combo (navy and creamy yellow)
 Savannah is also known for their historic churches, which were just beautiful. This one was my favorite, and what a great shot!
Who knew my boyfriend was such a talented photog? Just a perfect shot with the horse and carriage in front!

Aren't the windows cool? Look at that swirly glass in the clover shaped windows.
This church had a pretty door too... Do you see the flower shapes carved into them?
This place was just beautiful! I highly recommend Savannah. And lastly, I must cover my favorite subject, food. Here is a picture of us in front of the Old Pink House, the absolute BEST food we had while we were there. Plus no blog is complete without a picture of Malibu Ken and me :)

Cheers and Apple Pie dreams, Engineeringirl

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