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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Farm Fresh Experience

Last weekend, I did two things to celebrate and support the farming/ seasonal food movement here in Houston. I visited Feast, a rustic traditional European restaurant, serving seasonal food. Feast focuses on meats, and only serves meat that is humanely raised and slaughtered at local farms.

Listed on the back of the menu was where each of the meats came from
And at the bottom, a smart quote:

A very unique menu
 Not only did Feast take pride in serving the highest quality, the menu was quite impressive as well. For appetizers, we ordered a squash soup garnished with green apple and mint and a terrine of pork, rabbit and duck.

If you're wondering what a terrine is, I did too. It's basically some chopped up meats smashed into a loaf pan, cut into slices and served cold
Enjoying a champagne cocktail with elderberry liquor
 For dinner, Malibu Ken went rogue and ordered the leg of rabbit, which was roasted in a bale of hay! I had the Cock-a-leekie, which was chicken braised in cream, served with leeks and plums.

Hay, brought right to the table, as proof

Leg of rabbit and smile of Malibu Ken :)

The next day we joined Jaime and Charlie at the farmers market off Richmond. We picked up a few things to enjoy for dinner that night.

Farmers Market was outside with lots of tents
A bunch of tri-colored carrots to roast with beets

These beets look dirty but they are a beautiful red when peeled and sliced
Heirloom tomatoes to have sliced with goat cheese on toasts

The stand where we bought some delicious goat cheese

Ken holding our purchases in a reusable bag. How earthy crunchy!

Jaime and Charlie waiting in front of the food truck waiting for Charlie's breakfast burrito

Here are some of the other items we considered.

Pretty eggs.  I didn't even know they came in these colors!

Snake like cucumbers
Has anyone visisted any other farmers markets around Houston or any seasonal type restaurants? I'd love to hear of your experiences.

Crunchy kisses, Lauren

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