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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sewing Throwdown 2011 - Just So You Know, I Brought It

I brought my friend Martha Stewart, and she's a gangster.

Yeah, I made this. I know, you're jealous.
Just in case you didn't realize how awesome it is...

As some of my followers may recall (all 7 of you), I decided to take up sewing as a new hobby this year. I wrote this post when I first got my Singer Talent (endorsed by her Majesty Martha Stewart).

I started by making a regular pocket pillow cover by cutting 3 pieces of fabric. For a 20x20" pillow insert, I cut one piece of 21x21" linen and 2 21x15" pieces of linen.
First I made some pretty (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) seams on one 21" side of the 2 smaller pieces of linen. You just fold the edge over 2 times so it's pretty on the edge, then pin it closed and sew a straight seam along the edge. Yeah, I write that like its so easy... when in fact, it really involved me consulting my Singer user's manual and talking to myself. Oh did I mention I took a 2 hour sewing machine class at Joann Fabrics, where I purchased my machine? During the class, I pretty much just learned how to sew a few different seams and thread my needle and bobbin.
So next, I sewed the 21" raw edge of the 2 smaller pieces of fabric to the big piece. So then I had 3 pieces of fabric sewed together. Next, I folded the 2 smaller pieces up and sewed up the sides.
Lastly, I stuffed the 20x20" pillow insert into the pocket.

For the decoration on the outside of the pillows, I made 3 fabric flowers. I learned how to make them here. But I will show how I made them.

To make one flower, you need to cut 6 4" fabric circles and 6 3" fabric circles. I used bowls and lids as guides and just traced around them with a pencil. Then I cut out the circles with fabric scissors.

I folded the fabric up before tracing out the smaller circles. Then I just cut them all at once.
2 sets of circles and 2 different fabrics

For the base of the flower, you will make 6 fabric "cones" out of each fabric circle. First fold the circle in half.

Then fold that circle over like this:

Then fold it over again like this:

Here's another shot.

You're also going to hot glue the tip of each cone where the fabric folds over.
Next put a big dollop of hot glue in the center of a 2" round of felt.

Then put all the cones around in a circle to make the base of the flower.

Now make the top layer of the flower in the same way.

And for the center, use a button.

Ta Daaaaaaa!!!!

And just so you know, I made this pillow for under $20. Compare to:

This one from CB2:
I guess if you have $34.95 laying around, you could spend it on a pillow...NOT 
This one is also $34.95...

This one is a little bit better at $29.95, but mine is still $10 cheaper... PLUS it's way more unique and cuter.
  In summary, I win!


Jessica said...

Very nice! Those flowers look like they took some serious work!!

Jaime said...

Love it, great flowers!