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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FUN Run!!???

I guess running can be fun... I ran the Safety and Total Health Day "Fun Run" here at JSC a couple weeks ago.
While I can't say that I was having loads of fun, I did improve my time from my last 5K, and that was pretty encouraging. For those of you who are interested in running, here are the things you should consider:
1. A cute outfit (imperative actually)
2. Before the run, drink plenty of water and eat a banana
3. When you get tired, remember your body isn't tired, your mind is, so keep going!
4. Cross the finish line running, it will make you feel like a champ!
5. Run with a friend. It will encourage you.

And here is a picture of me near the finish line!

Me and my running buddy Marcella

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