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Friday, October 3, 2008

Has Anyone Ever Heard of a Purple Potato?

As I wrote in an earlier post, I recently visited my favorite grocery store, Central Market. This store is about 45 min from my house, so I do not visit as regularly as I'd like, but when I do visit, I make it a point to pick out some new ingredients. Central Market is a Mecca for aspiring cooks like myself. There are just endless selections of the freshest produce, fish, and meat sections. Central Market also carries lots of rare things like Purple Potatoes.
I purchased them for their strange looking exterior, which is a dark purplish black color. The potatoes have an elongated shape, that look like a stubby finger. When I sliced into them, behold they were purple inside! Below, I am posting some pictures of them along with the recipe I used to bake them.

Roasted Purple Potato Faux Fries
12 Small Purple Potatoes
Kosher Salt, Pepper
Olive Oil
Slice each potato vertically, making 2 oval shapes. Then slice vertically again, so there are 4 "fry shaped" pieces. Cut up all the potatoes and toss in the baking pan all together. Drizzle olive oil and coat each piece. Arrange so pieces are not overlapping or laying on top of one another. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the tops. Bake in oven at 425 for 40 min. Test doneness with a fork and bake longer if required.

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Charlie said...

We ate these in Hawaii. I think they serve them at most luaus.